Rutgers-Camden Alcohol / Drug / Nicotine Counseling & Assistance provides counseling and information support for students who are concerned about their drinking, drug, or nicotine use/abuse, about a friend’s use/abuse, or about drug or alcohol misuse in their family.

All services are free and strictly confidential.

Support services include:

  1. Individual alcohol / drug / nicotine counseling.
  2. Support counseling for students concerned about another’s present use of alcohol or drugs (family member, significant other, friend or peer).
  3. Support counseling for students who grew up with one or both parents misusing alcohol or drugs.
  4. Individual alcohol / drug counseling that may fulfill a legal requirement due to an alcohol / drug related arrest.
  5. Student, staff, or faculty consultation.
  6. Student, staff, or faculty outreach. 

If you have any questions about the above listed services, call 856-225-6005, or e-mail