“It is your concern when your neighbor’s wall is on fire.”

A college campus is a community. Students spend the greatest amount of time talking and sharing with each other. The total of these social moments where students share their experiences, joys, and distress, make up the unique character of our campus culture.

When a student is in distress, it is another student (a peer or a friend) who is most likely to be in a position to take notice, and take action.  Students often notice when a friend or peer is struggling, but may not know whether, or how, or when to initiate a conversation, listen, or offer support. 

Check out Student Signs of Distress to increase your capacity to recognize when someone is struggling.

Check out Reach Out and Respond To Others to explore ways to initiate contact, listen, and show support.  (Remember that some of the suggestions may only be applicable to faculty and/or staff)