Especially for Incoming Students

There are groups of college students who by reason of their distinct characteristics face unique challenges in their quest to be academically successful.
That which distinguishes a particular group may be due to:

  1. their time or method of entry to the university (i.e., incoming students, international students, or veteran students),
  2. an activity they participate in (athletes or students traveling internationally),
  3. a shared experience (students living in residence housing, honors college students)
  4. or a shared personal characteristic (students with a disability, or LGBT students).

As an Incoming Student you may find the following resources helpful.

Adjustment To University Life - Tips

Alcohol Problems - Rethinking Drinking

Friendship Building


Men's Health

Multicultural Awareness

Overcoming Procrastination

Physical Activity and Health

Stress Management

Sleep Disturbance

How To Deal With Stress

Women's Health

The Future Is Yours To Create: Successful Academic Transition To College

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