Welcome to the Rutgers-Camden Student Wellness Center and thank you for visiting our web site.   The Student Wellness Center is a comprehensive primary care facility that offers accessible, convenient, quality medical and mental health care. We work as an integrated team to provide services in an atmosphere which is both welcoming and respectful of the dignity of all students. 

Our staff is comprised of caring and concerned professionals who are licensed/certified in their area of expertise, and who are committed to providing high quality medical, psychological and educational services to a highly diverse student body.

     We know that students’ college experience and academic success is closely associated with their overall health and sense of well-being.  To that end, we are proud of the services we offer the students on our campus to assist them when they are not well, and to educate them on how to live healthier lives.  We hope you will use this web site to explore and identify services that will help you enhance your student experience.

     If you have a problem or question, please stop by the Student Wellness Center or call us at (856) 225-6005.  Safeguarding your health is of primary importance to us.

     Best wishes for a successful and healthful career at Rutgers University and always remember that we are here for a healthier you.

Dr. Daniel Lee