This page answers frequently asked questions about immunization requirements for students entering Rutgers University. 

Where is the Pre-Entrance Health Record Form available?

                  Forms are available for all students on-line (also – when you click “on-line” the form is included at the end of the file).

What immunizations are required?

The list below pertains to students entering Rutgers University beginning in September 2004.

Meningococcal vaccinationrequirements

MMR – all students born after 1956 are required to have received either two (2) doses of MMR (or two doses of each individual measles, mumps, or rubella vaccine) or a positive blood test for immunity to each disease.  The first vaccination must have been given no earlier than one year of age, and administration of the second dose must be separated from the first by at least 30 days.

Tuberculosis skin testing (PPD or Mantoux) – for non-immigrant visa holders born in a country with a high prevalence of TB.

Hepatitis B3 dose series for all students taking 12 or more credits per semester.

More information about:

Cost of Immunizations – Important Note: If you have Rutgers University’s health insurance through United Healthcare – the cost of immunizations may be free.

Can I be exempt from getting these vaccinations and testing?

Exemptions will be allowed only on bona fide religious or medical grounds and must be requested in writing. To be exempted on a religious basis, the student must submit a written statement explaining how the administration of immunizing agents conflicts with his or her religious beliefs.  To be exempted on medical grounds, the student must submit a written statement form signed by a physician or advance practice nurse indicating that an immunization is medically contraindicated for a specific period of time, and setting forth the reason(s) for the medical contraindication, based upon valid medical reasons. 
In the event of a contagious outbreak, un-immunized students will not be allowed on campus. 

What is the deadline for return of health forms?

Completed Pre-Entrance Immunization Record is due by June 1 for students entering in the Fall Semester and January 5 for those entering in the Spring Semester.

What about penalties?

If you are living in University housing, you will not be able to obtain your room key on move in day if you have not received the meningococcal vaccination.  If you are not compliant with the MMR or TB skin testing (if indicated) requirements, a hold will be placed on your grades and transcripts.

Do I need a physical exam

While regular preventive care and health maintenance visits with your health care provider are recommended, a full physical exam is not required.  We do recommend that those students with chronic health problems bring a copy of their medical records to campus in the event that care at one of our health centers is required.  After enrollment, it is also a good idea for those students with chronic health problems to schedule a “get acquainted” visit with a physician at the Student Wellness Center.