Making an Appointment

Eligible students can be seen once they have scheduled an appointment.  Scheduling with clinicians through use of appointments accomplishes the following goals:

  • Ensures that you see a clinician of your choice;
  • Allows students to arrange an appointment time that fits their schedule;
  • Reduces waiting time to see a clinician;
  • Allows students to finish their visit in a timely fashion which supports attending classes or other campus obligations on time.

To support and maintain the daily schedule of appointments and keep student waiting time to a minimum requires that students arrive for their appointments in a timely fashion.  Students who arrive fifteen minutes late for an appointment may be required to reschedule their visit with a clinician.  To make an appointment call 856-225-6005. 

For urgent care, it is acceptable to walk in without an appointment. You will be seen by a clinician as soon as possible. If you are not sure that your condition is serious enough to warrant urgent care, call 856-225-6005 for advice.

Waiting times can be lengthy. Remember, when you make an appointment, your waiting time will be much less.