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Psychological Services Staff

Director Wellness Center
Daniel Lee, PsyD, CSP

Associate Director
of Training

Daniel Gordon, PhD

Rachel Thuer, PsyD

Coordinator – Wellness Promotion, Alcohol/Drug/Nicotine Assistance Counselor
Robert Russo, MA, CAS

AnnMarie Pannarello, PsyD

Clinical Social Worker
Angela C.S. Boyd,

Consulting Psychiatrist Valerie J. Nordquist, MD
Educational Disability
Testing Specialist
Daniel Lee, PsyD (he/him/his)
2022-23 Practicum Student
Sierra Doyle, Immaculata University

Note: The Rutgers-Camden Student Wellness Center is a training site that is part of the Immaculata University Psychology Internship Consortium.  The Consortium is an APPIC member.


Wayne Shaw, MD


Nurse Practitioner
Shannon Nolan, DNP, APN-C

Nurse Practitioner
Cecelia M. Kane, DNP, MSN, APN-C

Registered Nurse
Kimberley Kavanaugh RN, BSN

Nurse Practitioner
Karen Kramer, RN, MSN, APN-C


Administrative Services Staff

Operations Coordinator
Madrid Moore

Health Technician
Chanel Gamble

Health Technician
Maeyeline Ortiz