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Where is the Counseling Center and when is it open?

We are located in the Student Wellness Center, second floor of the campus center (  Our office hours are: .

What services are available through Counseling and
Psychological Services?

Students can receive the following services: 
  • Short-term individual psychotherapy. 

  • Psychiatric Evaluation for use of supportive medications. 

  • Crisis Intervention.

  • Consultation regarding student concerns about family members and/or friends.

  • Learning Disabilities/ADD/ADHD Assessments

Can I just walk-in and see a Counselor?

An appointment for an initial meeting is typically arranged by calling or coming to the Student Wellness Center. An appointment will usually be scheduled within a couple of days. If anyone feels he or she must see someone sooner they should tell the Health Technician, who will almost always make an appointment the same day.   In instances of urgent care, if you call or come to the Student Wellness Center, every attempt will be made to see you as soon as possible.  You will also have the option of coming to the center when we offer walk-in appointments.  Contact our office for the specific times as these can change on a semester basis.

What can I expect when I come to see a counselor?

In meeting with a counselor, you can expect the counselor to listen to your concerns, to help you expand your understanding of your concerns, and to assist you in identifying steps you can take to address these concerns. You can expect the counselor to take your concern seriously and to be willing to discuss anything you want to discuss. While counselors may have different styles and approaches, each will want to work cooperatively with you to address the concerns you present.

Is counseling confidential? Is it part of my academic record?

Counseling records are confidential and separate from academic records. In the rare instance where an individual may present a threat to harm him/herself or others counseling information may be divulged without the individual’s permission and then only to the extent necessary to protect the individual or other persons being threatened.  The clinician you meet with will discuss any exceptions to confidentiality, and will be glad to answers any questions you may have.

Who is eligible for counseling services?

All enrolled Rutgers-Camden students are eligible because their tuition fees have paid for use of the Student Wellness Center.

Is there a fee?

For Rutgers – Camden students there is no additional fee for meetings with the consulting psychiatrist, or for psychotherapy.  There is a fee for Learning Disability/ADD/ADHD assessments.

What are the qualifications of Counseling and
Psychological Services staff?

Staff have education and training as professional counselors and psychologists, and are licensed or license-eligible in New Jersey.   In addition, services are also provided by trainees who include a post – doctoral fellow and pre-doctoral interns, all working under the direct supervision of a senior clinician.

Does Psychological Services provide (psychiatric) medication services?

We retain the services of a psychiatrist, who provides limited assessment, consultation services, and will write prescriptions for supportive medications.

What kinds of problems do students discuss in counseling?

Any personal issue can be discussed with a counselor. Typical concerns include:
  • Academic adjustment issues, grades
  • Relationships with family or friends
  • Stress issues
  • Anxiety, depression, grief and anger
  • Sexual identity issues
  • Difficulty with alcohol, other substances or food
  • Sexual, physical and emotional abuse
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Personal crises  

Why see a Counselor? Isn’t talking to my friends just as helpful?

The fact that a counselor is not a friend or family member actually makes it easier for them to help you. Unlike friends or family members whose advice is often colored by biases and preconceptions, counselors work to be non-judgmental and objective helpers.

I think a student I know needs help. What should I do?

Our staff is available during working hours to consult about a concern that a student or staff member may have about a student. Strategies for helping the student and, if appropriate, getting the student in to see a counselor can be discussed.

Don’t only “crazy” people go to Counseling and Psychological Services?

This is far from the truth! For the most part, students who use our services are interested in their personal growth or resolving a particular concern. It is common and perhaps expected for students to encounter some struggles, pressures, and stress at times while in college. The fact that so many students seek our services reflects just how common these issues are.

What if I am feeling suicidal?

If you are having thoughts of self-harm or suicide, please call the Student Wellness Center or walk in. Be sure to let the Health Technician know that you are experiencing a crisis. In the evening or on weekends, contact the Campus police at 225-6009.  If you are not on campus go to your closest emergency room or crisis unit, or call the National Suicide Prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

How do I get help for a learning disability and/or ADHD?

Testing for Learning Accommodations