Psychological & Counseling Services is located at the Rutgers-Camden Student Wellness Center (856-225-6005), 326 Penn Street, in the Campus Center, on the second floor (above the Campus Corner).   The purpose of these services is to help Rutgers students successfully handle the stresses and challenges in their academic, professional and personal lives.

Students can receive the following services: 

  1. Short-term individual psychotherapy. 
  2. Psychological evaluation. 
  3. Psychiatric Evaluation for use of supportive medications. 
  4. Crisis Intervention.
  5. Consultation regarding student concerns about family members and/or friends.
  6. Learning Disabilities/ADD/ADHD Assessments
  7. Walk-in hours to see a therapist without an appointment on:  (During Fall/Spring Semesters)

    Monday          10 am -12 noon

    Tuesday         11 am – 1 pm

    Wednesday    11 am – 1 pm

    Thursday        12 noon – 2 pm. 

Psychological services typically works by appointment, except for emergencies

All services are free and strictly confidential.