Student Wellness Advisory Board – Academic Year

Fall, 2020 – Spring, 2021

My name is Lok See Erica Choy. I came from Hong Kong. I am a junior whose major is Health Science and Psychology. I am happy to join the family of the Student Wellness Center Advisory Board. Last couple summers, I volunteered in the youth center to be a first aider and be a trainer to train up the cubs scout more self-care ability, home care and some first-aids skills in my scout life. These experiences have made me realize how much I want to help the patients, comfort them and ease their worries. I have been playing music for five years, I can use the music to comfort them and ease their worries. Second, I am good at languages. I can use my fluent and proficient languages to communicate with the public and patients.
Malaika Mahmood is a freshman majoring in Biology with an interest in research and public health. As a member of the board, she is on a mission to raise awareness about the resources available through the Student Wellness Center and bring into light concerning issues regarding the student population. Outside the board, Malaika is involved in Biology club, AMSA, S.A.V.E, Muslim Student Association, Criminal Justice Organization, and as well works a part time job as a tutor.
Ummuhan Ozdemir​ is a junior at Rutgers University-Camden. She is majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry. She aspires to bring attention to the health services the Wellness Center provides. She hopes to destigmatize mental health issues on campus. She is a member of the Honor’s College, the Scarlet Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa, and AMSA. She is also an Academic Associate at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Her goal is to enroll in a medical school and become a surgeon one day.