About Us

The Student Wellness Center Advisory Board is composed of volunteer students who are dedicated to providing a student voice in the functioning and quality of health care offered by the Rutgers-Camden Student Wellness Center.   The student advisory board works closely with Wellness Center staff to offer a critical “student’s perspective” to all aspects of Wellness Center functioning.  In this role, student board members advocate for the health and wellness of all students on campus.

The Advisory Board’s mission is to improve health and wellness in the campus community by acting as a liaison between Rutgers’s student body and Wellness Center staff.   Some of the roles the board will serve include reviewing and developing programs to better suit the needs of students; giving feedback on present Student Wellness Center programs, and reviewing Wellness Center policies and protocols.

New members are annually selected early during each spring semester through a rigorous application and interview process. Applications for the board are currently closed.  Once selected each member will serve for one academic year starting at the beginning of the following fall semester.  The number of board members selected will vary depending on the number and qualifications of the applicants.  Staff members from the RCSWC will facilitate and support the activities of the Board throughout the academic year.

You should expect that the Board will meet a minimum of three times per semester.  Any additional time commitment will depend on semester project(s) identified annually by the Board.

Membership Responsibilities:

  • act as a role model on campus
  • assist with special projects during the year
  • review quality assurance, polices and procedures within the Student Wellness Center
  • help to identify student health needs

Student Wellness Center Advisory Board Members Should:

  • have a personal concern about their own health and wellness
  • have a genuine concern for the health and well-being of the campus community
  • be committed
  • have leadership skills