One of the aims of the Rutgers-Camden Student Wellness Center is to increase students’ health awareness and encourage them to maintain, or create, a healthy lifestyle. By participating in the Department of Wellness Promotion (856-225-6005), students can get involved in the maintenance of personal and community health, and benefit from the many resources available to them.

Being healthy involves making decisions that are right for you and your community, concerning physical, emotional, social, sexual, and spiritual well-being. Our approach is to foster student empowerment, encouraging individuals and groups to grapple with the critical personal and social questions which affect their overall well-being.

Our goals are to create and respond to opportunities for students to both:

Examine their personal behavior in order to enhance their personal health and the health of the community, and;

  • Analyze and challenge their peers, peer norms, and larger sociatal structures which affect their health and the health of the broader community.
  • The Department of Wellness Promotion, in the Rutgers-Camden Student Wellness Center, seeks to create these opportunities through teaching, community service, and community development. We work with students at Rutgers-Camden by focusing on critical analysis, wellness advocacy and skills development.

We believe that being healthy means having the confidence and energy to live each day to the fullest. In part, good health is up to each of us: how we live our lives and care for ourselves, others, and our community.