If you witness individuals exhibiting any of the following symptoms/behaviors on 
campus and wish to render assistance or respond to the situation, you should
contact university police at 856-225-6009.

Signs/symptoms of alcohol/drug intoxication:

  • Physical debilitation
    1. Inability to stand, staggering, falling down, slurred speech, vomiting
    2. Passed out
    3. Presence of vomit or urination on clothes
    4. Delirium, tremors, trembling, seizures, hallucinations
  • Physical harm to self, others, or property
    1. Dangerous acts (walking in street through traffic)
    2. Sleeping outside
    3. Actual or threatened damage to others or property
  • Inability to make a rational decision
    1. Can not understand or respond to simple questions
    2. Doesn’t know destination or current location

By being aware of the symptoms of incapacitation, you can help in identifying and rendering aid for students or others who may need medical attention due to their consumption of alcohol, or use of drugs.  Should you witness any of the above mentioned behaviors and wish to address the situation, consider the following:

  • Do you know the person, and is there any potential for a threat to personal safety in getting involved?  Individuals “under the influence” of alcohol or drugs can behave in unpredictable and dangerous ways, including people you know personally.  If you do not know the person, or are unsure of the potential risk, it is recommended that you do not make personal contact.  You have the option to contact Rutgers University Police privately, away from the individual involved. 
  • If you know the person and feel safe to make contact, first observe their  behaviors. Be cautious.  Do not attempt to verbally intervene if the person is agitated or violent. Never confront the person in a physical or agitated manner.
  • Immediately call for assistance (On campus, contact university police (x6111).  If in a Residence Hall, contact the Director of Residence Life, RA or staff member on call.

The University Police will assess whether transportation to Cooper Hospital for follow-up care is indicated. All intoxicated individuals deemed to be a danger to themselves or others, or who are judged to be significantly and dangerously impaired, will be transported to a local hospital.

For Residence Life

When encountering an individual who is intoxicated in the Residence Life building, it is important to be aware that they may appear to be stable at one point in time but 15 minutes later be much worse.  If the judgment is made that further assistance is needed, then follow in-house protocols as specified by the Director of Residence Life.