Medical Services

Medical Services

Who we are?

We are staffed by a physician, nurse practitioner, and a nurse. Our primary care services include preventive health care and routine medical care, such as physical exams, women’s health, sexual health, sports medicine, and management of chronic medical conditions.

Referrals for speciality consultations and care can be made when necessary.

The Rutgers-Camden Student Wellness Center provides the following services, among many others:

  • Acute gyn problems and UTI
  • Adult Medicine
  • Asthma Management
  • Well women Gyn exam and PAP testing
  • Comprehensive laboratory testing
  • Contraception and birth control
  • Diabetic and hypertensive management
  • EKG testing
  • Exercise and obesity counseling
  • General, athletic, and nursing physicals
  • Gender Affirming Medical Care
  • Well women Gyn exam and PAP testing
    • Immunization management program-flu, HPV, and other vaccines available
    • Men’s Health
    • Minor injuries-evaluation and treatment
    • Nutrition counseling
    • Pulmonary function testing
    • Routine and preventative medicine
    • Sexual health, sexually transmitted infection (STI) evaluation and testing, and HIV testing/PrEP
    • Travel consultation and immunizations
    • Tuberculosis testing (PPD)
    The RCSWC is committed to safeguarding the confidentiality of protected health information (PHI). The contents of any patient medical records, created, received, or maintained by RCSWC, are to be used or disclosed in accordance with this Policy and consistent with State and Federal guidelines. Everyone working in the Student Wellness Center is required to follow our Confidentiality Statement Policy and State and Federal Guidelines.

    Confidentiality is a professionally and legally complex issue, not subject to a thorough explanation in a few sentences. Information that a student shares with his/her services provider in the course of a meeting will be treated as confidential material. Treating information confidentially means not releasing it to anyone outside the agency without the student’s permission, including Rutgers University personnel. Under certain, special circumstances, however, information may be released without the student’s permission. The main — although not the only — exceptions to confidentiality arise in situations involving:

    danger to self or others
    court orders or subpoena of records
    child abuse or neglect
    Students are encouraged to discuss any concerns they have about confidentiality with their provider of services.

    Use of E-mail as a Form of Communication:

    To help ensure privacy, students are encouraged not to send information to the Rutgers-Camden Student Wellness Center via e-mail.

    Primary Care Appointments
    Visits for the treatment of most acute illnesses, injuries, and preventive healthcare (including physical exams) are scheduled on an appointment basis with a practitioner. Students may schedule an appointment to see the practitioner of their choice by calling 856-225-6005.

    Appointments can usually be scheduled the same day or the following day depending upon availability. Advantages of appointments include:

    reducing your waiting time to see a practitioner.
    seeing the clinician of your choice.
    scheduling a visit at a time that is convenient for you.

    Go to appointments page to book one now.

    Women’s Health Care
    For females, pelvic and breast examinations as needed, Pap tests (Cervical cancer tests), contraceptive services, sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment are available. Counseling regarding preconception health, pregnancy options, adoption information and referrals for prenatal care or pregnancy terminations are made. Information about the GYN Examination, Evaluation of Sexually Transmitted Infections, and
    gynecological appointment
    Men’s Health Care
    For males, preventive health services and screening for sexually transmitted infections and other health concerns unique to men are available.

    For information on:

    Breast Cancer check out the Mayo Clinic
    Sexually Transmitted Infections check out Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
    Testicular Self-Exam check out the Mayo Clinic

    Urgent Medical Problems
    Students with medical illnesses or injuries which require urgent medical attention, may be seen at the Student Wellness Center without an appointment. Each student who comes to the front desk will be evaluated on medical condition and urgency. Each student will be seen as soon as possible, or immediately, as a result of this evaluation.

    Some examples of Urgent Problems are defined as follows:
    Acute illness.
    Injury or bleeding in need of immediate attention.
    Urinary tract infections.
    Allergic reaction.
    If you are not sure that your condition is serious enough to warrant urgent care, call 856-225-6005 for advice. Waiting times can be lengthy, and calling ahead may save you an unnecessary trip to the Student Wellness Center.

    Pharmacy Services
    The Rutgers – Camden Student Wellness Center does not offer pharmacy services but some pre-packaged medications (certain antibiotics, eye drops, and other commonly prescribed medications) can be purchased on-site at the Wellness Center.